What is happiness for you?

(These opinions were solicited through a survey board we posted outside our office.)

It is like a broadcast network where every data packet received matters – cmpcsi
It is when your fans ask for your autograph, then they hug and kiss you on your cheeks. -SG
Simply fulfilling your mission here on earth even when you experience ups and downs. -SG
When you forgive someone who hurt you. -Alessandra
When you reach self-actualization –xjoii 🙂
Food is my happiness -:)
No mangabak ti jueteng, aglalo no lima a limit -rayven
It is when other people are happy because of you -Erika Castro
Tong-its —?
When you reach success. Success is when you reach your highest potential with God in your heart. -Ryhenroke
Happiness is when you found your true love -Giselle
It is when you go to sleep, and still wish to wake up the next morning -abes 🙂
It is when my ex-boyfriend still cries for me -eigram
Ti ragsak ket imas, and vice versa
Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth. -Cmsc
My Happyness is wrong spelling
Happiness is a matter, because it occupies space and it has weight in your heart and mind -lhairhobesboy
Which do you prefer? A very happy pig or a very lonely man? -crossbred pigman
Happiness is to be experienced, not to be intellectualized
It is the absence of loneliness and anger
It is when I know I have loved and I am loved.
It is brought about by vitamins. More energy mas happy.
Happiness is being contented. It doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It just means you have learned to look past imperfections.
Ragsak kadi no nakaawatka iti regalo ken kwarta ngem… napukawmo daytoy kalpasan laeng ti maysa nga aldaw?
-drama boy
Happiness is having “uno” in all subjects -asa
Hapee is a toothpaste brand —Icalla

Feel free to add to the list..

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

31 thoughts on “What is happiness for you?”

  1. Yeah. Filipinos are usually impervious to external circumstances. That’s why albeit so much poverty, bungisngis pa rin. Ok noh.

  2. korek ka jan..Noticed it here na we always laugh at thinghs kaya hindi tayo madaling ma-stress, other nationalities, naku, kunting dagdab ng trabaho lang eh burn-out na ang dating.

  3. For me, happiness is when you have a right amount of money, a lot of friends, an intense feeling of joy, contentment, and of course if you have our LORD JESUS in your life.

  4. For me,happiness is the undescribably, intense feeling of joy felt within your soul, brought about by your loved ones.

  5. Hapee is a toothpaste brand —Icalla.natawa ako dito ah.

    .well.happiness for me is when you’re with your friends riding at the back of a running tundra that’s roaming the town -hunted schools, cemetery, school grounds, churches, plaza, etc. -and joyfully singing xmas songs, but actually it’s the first 1:30 am of the year.hahaha.

  6. Happiness is the intense feeling that we feel when are satisfied and contented of who we are and what we have.

  7. …the recent one was last jan 3. hahaha.pero nabadtrip kami pagkatapos kasi napagalitan kami.di kasi kami nagpaalam.huhu.pero ayos lang nag-enjoy naman kami.haha

  8. …People pursue all kinds of things – money, relationships, power, social status, knowledge, skills – but ultimately the reason they do is because they believe it will bring them greater happiness and meaning. Money, for example, is normally just a means to an end. So being happy is the real goal underlying what we do in life, even if we’re not always fully aware of it. That’s why Harvard psychology professor Tal Ben-Shahar calls happiness the “ultimate currency.”

  9. Ang tunay na kaligayahan ay makikita pag ang mundong ginagalawan natin ay tuluyang mapapalitan..kapag walang nang luha at pawis na tumutulo para lang mabuhay,pag wala ng sigaw na umaatingawngaw sa kalsada,pag wala ng dugo na bumabaha sa lupa,at higit sa lahat kapag wala ng paslit na uhaw sa pagmamahal at pagkalinga ng isang ina…Dun mo lang makikita at mararamdaman ang tunay na kasiyahan…

  10. I can say that I am happy when someone makes me feel happy. When my friends share their jokes and other laughable events that they have experienced. But not all jokes makes me happy because sometimes jokes hurt. Even if it hurts you sometimes i just laughed on it and pretended that I am happy to hear those kinds of words.
    When I am with my family and friends I’m always happy..They are my strength that makes me strong all the time.
    And sometimes, I feel happy when I get something what I want. But my greatest happiness is when i already fulfill all my goals and dreams in life.
    In order to feel happiness in life,just enjoy living.

  11. Happiness for me is how you see yourself contented of something…It is actually a feeling of gladness and appreciation of what life has to give…It is unleashing the best energy inside the prison of life…Happiness is simple..Happiness is free…Happiness is life enduring….It is indeed a gift from God that can be shared with others…The most special product of happiness is the smile, then goes with a laugh and finally tickles the heart leaving thoughts and memories….We have only two choices in life, to live with happiness or sadness…which is which..?

  12. There are several meanings of happiness. Everybody has its own interpretation of what is happiness. Happiness for me is that when I feel satisfy with my desire. I feel happy when I feel loved and cared by those people I love the most. Laughter and joys makes me happy. I am happy because I have friends and family and I feel happy because I am lucky to have them. Happiness is just when I feel no heartaches in my heart. Sometimes my happiness makes me cry. Why is that so??It’s just when one of your happiness makes you more vulnerable..How ironic!!!! That’s when your happiness is the one who hurt you the most and you keep on loving that person because you want to feel your happiness. . That’s crazy!!! but its true. Happiness is not a permanent feeling or emotion.

  13. Being happy is to enjoy the things we have. We have different levels and ways of seeking happiness. We have different stories to tell about what makes us happy.

    But one thing is for sure, we all want to achieve perfect happiness in our lives. No one wants to become unhappy.

  14. happiness is a by-product activity. for me, happiness was always based on my doings, the effect of it, even i fail or succeed on that doing, well at least i’ve tried…

  15. The key to happiness is to be true to your self and to those who are with you.

    You will never be happy when your always hiding on someone’s shadow…be you and do what you want as long as you are doing the right thing and that you can never hurt someone’s feeling.


  16. happiness is when you’ve fulfilled your wants in your life without hurting other people. (you reached your goals without evil acts)

  17. For me happiness is for being satisfy of what you’ve done…Mnsan dumarating ang pgkabigo sa buhay-buhay natin but i have my family & friends na anjan plagi 2 support me at sasabhing kaya mo yan, & I contended & happy for being w/ them.Para sa akin dn ang pagiging masaya ay ung nakakatulong ka sa kapwa tao.And to fullfill my goal in life….

  18. haist..:-)happiness makes my day complete…… ako ang taong laging naka smile kah8 na my problema… sabi ko nga tawanan mo ang iyong problema….smile ka lang para marami masiyahan sayo….ang kasiyahan ay magsisimula mismo sayong sarili….

    “gaganda ka kung lagi kang masaya”

    tulad sa ming pamilya ako ang joker sa kanila, pag pagod sila galing sa trabaho, kakausapin ko sila ng pabiro o kaya manonood kami mg nakakatawang movie, taz dun napasaya ko na sila diba………

  19. Happiness is looking forward to read the next blogposts of sir Herdy’s blogsite. Hey, anticipation to next posts of happy posters are unlike a mother hen looking forward to the hatching of her chicks… Long live sir Herdy and riknakem!!!

  20. Happiness is when you are with your date in the cinema doing the “rakeb-rakeb”, pardon me for borrowing Sir Herdy’s Ilocano word.

    1. All movie houses of old in Ilocos Norte are now officially dead. Paz, Grace/Mar, Twin Cinema A & B, and Odeon in Laoag, and another one in Batac, have died. But the last one to go, and it saddens me a bit because it bears some of my happy memories, is Isabel Cinema, which was knocked out by Robinsons. It is now an ukay-ukay shop.

  21. happines to me is when a friend serenades you with “dungdunguenkanto”(an ilocano song meaning i will love you)

    1. a true friend sincerely and courageously tells you that you are half-cracked when you really are… and telling you so would save you from cracking apart altogether.

  22. that is true .and hopefully that this friend will stick with you through thick and thin and will not abandon you in times that you needed her/him the most.

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