Mom’s reaction

My mother’s reaction: You were very disrespectful to the bishops. You should respect them because they have sacrificed their lives. I am not going to buy any copy of the Ilocos Times anymore.

Herdy’s Riknakem: 1) I don’t think I was disrespectful. I was just offering honest observations; 2) Bishops live very comfortable lives. But yes, everybody has a cross to bear; 3) Thank you for bearing with me; 4) Okay, Mom, if you don’t feel like buying a copy, you can check the online version instead.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

48 thoughts on “Mom’s reaction”

  1. Oowww!!!such a nice complement from a mother…I think the community has not yet open a deeper thinking and understanding of what is really happening in society…Well, I’m not against any of those bishops and priest. In fact, I respect them for their efforts also… It is good that somebody has this kind of braveness who is willing to show and share his points of view… The best thing is…..” The hidden riches are just on a closet of figures and symbols..”…and just as curiosity and concern is part of our nature, sometimes we discover things which others may consider disrespectful on their part….Go! Go! Go!

  2. speaking of your mom’s reaction i would like to share my reaction when my niecewho is an rn and isworking in saudi arabia in january she was home and i was there, she told me she converted to muslim and she was wearing the” abaya”and the head covering and was i dismayed and then after weighing everything and i saw how happy and transformed she was i gave her a hug and said “if that is what makes you happy i am for it but do not influence your 9 year old daughter i want her to make her own decision when the time comes..she had been praying twice a day in oppose to not going to church before her conversion.

  3. i am now communicating with fr. willie the priest who is a friend (an amiable comrade)of fr. ericson in his acknowledgement.he is applying to study in washington d.c .for something for 2 years to start this school opening in september and i told him i might see him there .my sister is trying to put up a day care center in washington d.c. so i will be traveling back and forth to help her.he also have a blog site …he seem like a good priest like fr. ericson..

    1. That’s what I like about you, tita, you appreciate persons ranging from priests to freethinkers like me. 🙂

  4. now i can definitely say i have 3 p’s for friends…a professor,a priest and a photographer.

  5. my nieces and nephews come to me with their problems even if they call me” natangsit” because they know that i respect them/their problems and they respect my decisions and not castigate them.they all gravitate to me even their other titas are there.i treat them all equally special…

  6. i was talking to one of my nephews last night and the subject about priesthood came up. first i asked him how his grades was and he told me “i am one of the top 5 tita..number 5.and asked him what his plans for college will be and he did not know yet and so i said “how about a priest? and he said i guess priesthood is out.he will be sophomore come opening…i told him number 5 is not good enough.i want to see him 1st . i want to see him less dancing and more reading. i think he is more of the feminine side but he is not sure yet of his sexuality. he goes to danceworkshop during summer vacation with cj otico in bjc….

    1. Tita, is there really so much to academic honors and awards? I’ve reaped medals since I went to school, and I think they do not really mean much.

  7. i do not ask you to be friends with my friends just like you not asking me to be friends with yours.i do not particularly like some of yours either..i.e.your friend and patron saint?

  8. i am so afraid i am thinking like my dad at times. OMG IT IS SCARY.number 2 or 3 is not good enough. i appreciate people in all walks of life..everytime i come home there is this older lady in batac who is always by the dumpster south of the riverside plaza and fishing through the garbage and everytime i see her i made sure to give her money.she have bags and bags(heavy for her to carry so onetime i hailed a tricycle and ask him to bring her home..the kids always say whenever we saw her “agsardeng manen ket ni titan” and they are right.

    1. I know you appreciate people of all kinds, the same way I do.

      I understand too about doing the same things one did not like about his/her elders. It has happened with me and my parents too. Maybe nature and nurture are even more powerful than we think.

    2. That’s why when Ananda goes to school next month (school kids get younger and younger; the kid is just 3), I will make sure nobody puts pressure on her. I had always been an honor student since nursery and I know the feeling. Academic awards are premised on mastering everything taught in school. But I believe that there are so much things taught inside the classroom that one has to unlearn outside.

  9. OMG ..thank you for pointing it out to me..i was sooo unaware i was doing what my father was doing and i don’t like it.

  10. i miss my friend cholo.i haven’t chat with him in a week.he is in manila for the philippine fashion week.awww bummer.

  11. i know you have to have common sense to go with all the book works that you learnt. in school.

  12. when i was young i was always an angel during domingo sabet until i got too older that my dad cannot carry me any longer up those bamboo quadrangles.and then i was angel on dad had his share of carrying . 5 of us.

  13. you must have done a lot of day dreaming in school .i know i did.i was so bored of listening because somehow rather i already knew what my teacher was talking about.

  14. yes indeed. i love him.i learned a lot from him.he was very conservative but he meant well.maybe with 5 girls he was afraid something might happen to us..everytime he comes home from his police shift at midnight he has his flashlight and comes to our rooms and check up on he does that to her grand daughters.he cannot go check up but he asks if so and so are home already.

  15. and i bet you he was brought up that way. he never talk about my grandparents.all i knew was his parents were well -to -do but his father was a gambler. they use to own most of what is now called the MMSU ..i was able to talk with him about many stuff the last time i was home. we had our differences but we had good times too which i will treasure immensely.

  16. they say that “real man don’t cry”but i admire a man who can show his emotions. it does not make you less of a man or a weakling when you cry. i have seen my husband cry just one time .we broke up in germany he begged me with tears in his eyes and my heart just melted right then and there and the following day he asked me to marry him and the rest is history..hence the song “love story became our theme song..

  17. i was online with my niece on ym the converted muslim and she just informed me she passed the saudi arabian board for nurses..i told her i am so proud of least adda consuelok nga nangpabasa kenkuana..she is just like me she is not afraid to go trekking around on the other hand her sister got married after nursing school now have 3 kids and she wants to get some experience and they want her to pay 3000 pesos /month to volunteer in the hospital is that you pay to volunteer?

    1. She’s lucky to get paid. Most new nurses even pay the hospital so they can volunteer and gain experience. Hospitals gain from both patients and nurses. wow

  18. my niece in saudi when we chat she keeps texting some of the words in her sentences.i got so upset because i don’t get it .and she says” ano ba tita do i have to explain everything?” i said yes.i have a translator (i meant you) thats another thing with texting how do you suppose kids will learn the right spelling of words.?kids nowadays does not even know how to spell their names nor add without calculators?there is something wrong with this picture.

  19. see what did i tell you about selective are known to be that.(in this case selective reading)

  20. Tita Lita,

    I have lived almost 8 years at work in Saudi Arabia. Muslims pray 5 times a day: dawn(about6), noon(12), afternoon (3), dusk(5:30) and evening(7PM) either on congregation at mosque or at their own domicile, if there are no mosques nearby. ‘Assalam alaikum’ means “Peace be upon you”. The most formal greeting, in full, actually is ‘Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu’ which means “Peace be upon you, along with the graces and blessings of Allah” I am saddened that your niece adopted a very restrictive religion. Muslim women have limited freedom and privileges, no social life with the boys. The King of KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) has many wives, but no queen to adore. Women who rides in a public bus sit at the rear end. Women in KSA are allowed only an hour to go out at the ‘souk’ (market/grocery) or even at malls. There are no women who are secretaries (they might be molested by the boss); no salesladies; no lady managers, etc. Only lady teachers, nurses and cleaners of girlschools are present in KSA. Women in KSA are arrange-married through dowries (read: payments), no courtings. Only a few among Islamic countries truly adopt a woman leader.

  21. my niece is a nurse working in icu in one of the hospitals there.i know that my niece pray so many times a day when we were in batac was her choice to turn into a muslim and i know she is more pleased with herself than before..i wish her luck and support her whatever she deem right ,i love her just the same

  22. Very doting aunt you are, Tita. I admire you for that! Some of my Saudi friends, even the then Col. Alghosaibi himself (now a general) of the Ministry of Interior, offered to sponsor me to embrace Islam, but I declined. Usually, sponsors offer money generously to someone they wish to have for conversion. It was insinuated also that my salary as “mohandes” could almost double if I convert to become a Muslim. One reason that they selected me was because I have learned better Arabic than most of my Pinoy colleagues; I can read and write the basic Arabic communications. Two, he was impressed by Pinoy engineers on our dedication to work, even doing jobs that are not within the scope of our duty, and not really pushy in asking for OT pay. I could have opted to become a Muslim “while being there at work”, but I cannot stomach the thought of being an unsincere Muslim. No self-respect with that…

    1. Asiong, I appreciate the issue of self-respect you raised. That and delicadeza are rare commodities these days.

  23. asiong..thank you .i am a doting tita to all my nieces and nephews..and although i am strict and try to instill in all of them the way we were raised as kids they respect me and i respect all of them.that is why they come to me for advice and although i am from the old school i am also understanding of what they go through as teenagers and peer pressure it must come from my 30 years of being a psych nurse..

  24. I think your mom’s right, you showed disrespect to the bishop even though your only intention is to show or tell what you observed it is not enough reason to give disrespect to them. You hurt the feelings not only the bishop you mentioned but also the other bishop. If that so, people may think that all the bishop is like that .

  25. ok, mothers will always be a mother. They are the one who left their half of their body 6 feet under the ground while giving birth, and poof it’s you. Sometimes they just wanted that their fruits will be safe, and yet those fruits are with the weary winds but other people keep on staring on its, telling the truth sometimes make other people sick. Its you and it will not change, family will give advice but you still have the decision to do things. Anyway like the prescription of my doctor, if there medicine and there always be a remedy.

  26. “Mothers know best”, the saying goes, and sometimes they really do. Mothers oftentimes treat their son/daughter as a child although they are already adults; mature enough to decide for their own. But sometimes we need to listen to them as they only want the best for us. And mothers have the instinct, gut feelings on certain events that we can not find with others. Listening to our mothers is not a bad idea at all. Nonetheless, we could also do what we want as long as we won’t be hurting others…especially our mothers.

  27. I do respect anyone with their beliefs as long as they are happy, contended and peaceful with what they have chosen to be.
    Bishops live very comfortable lives because people themselves make them to. In fact, for me most people treats bishops as gods. Most people give so much respect to them more than God, and believe them whatever they say.

  28. Tama ka sir. Hindi naman yun pagpapakita ng hindi pagrespeto sa mga bishop. Sinasabi mo lang naman kung ano ang nakita mo, naobserve at itoy katotohanan. Maganda naman talaga ang buhay ng mga bishop. Hayaan na lamang natin magisip ang iba kung itoy sa tingin naman nila.

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