Slap the bishops

I GREW UP KNOWING EDMUNDO M. ABAYA, D.D., yes, that bishop known for nothing worthy of notice, save his lavish birthday parties attended by politicians and society’s who’s who. So, I have never really been a fan of bishops.

No, not know, when we have a Sergio Utleg, best known today, not for anything spiritual, but for ardently supporting the construction of a mall that will displace a top-performing elementary school, and will, consequently, lead to the tearing down of heritage structures .

I vaguely remember receiving the sacrament of confirmation as a kid almost two decades ago, but, from what I can recall, a bishop gave me the ceremonial slap-on-the-face to initiate me to Christian maturity.

I am not sure though whether the Roman Catholic Church is exactly a bastion of maturity. Here we speak of the same church which persecuted Galileo Galilee for presenting his discovery that the earth revolves around the sun, and not the other way around. This is the very church which kept silent while millions of Jews were tortured and murdered during World War II. This is the church headed by Benedict XVI, that pope who triggered violence when he spoke careless remarks against Islam shortly after he assumed the papacy, and who is now bent on beatifying Pius XII, the architect of silence during the Holocaust. And, yes, you are right, this is the church that spanks Jueteng lords with one hand, and accepts “donations” from them with the other.

This is why in this religion that thrives on blind obedience, it is a breath of fresh air when well-meaning individuals dare to defy the bishops. This is what 55 professors from Ateneo de Manila University did when they issued a statement in support of a very important piece of legislation which, yet again, might just go down the drain, thanks to the influence of our bishops. Here I am referring to House Bill 5043—The Reproductive Health Bill, which seeks a national policy on reproductive health and family planning. Supported by development organizations and women’s groups, the bill aims to address maternal, child health, and nutrition problems, especially among the poor, by promoting modern methods of contraception and by providing age-appropriate sex education in public schools.Feeling the pressure from the bishops, Gloria Arroyo, known for doing anything and everything in the name of political survival, threw in a near-fatal blow to the bill when, in her last State of the Nation Address, she tried to win divine approval by sidelining modern methods in favor of natural family planning (NFP). Presidential allies in Congress, recipients of the many blessings that go with being chummy with the leader of one of the most corrupt countries in the world, are expected to follow their idol’s lead.

The group of Ateneo professors, which includes some Jesuit priests, came out with a position paper titled, “A Call of Conscience: Catholics in Support of the RH Bill,” that looked at the bill through various lenses — the social sciences, philosophy and theology. In the paper, the professors pointed out that “Catholic social teachings recognize the primacy of the well-formed conscience over wooden compliance to directives from political and religious authorities.”

“We believe it is possible for Catholics like ourselves to support HB 5043 in good conscience even as we recognize, with some anguish, that our view contradicts the position held by some of our fellow Catholics, including our bishops,” they said.

More than the arguments they set forth, what struck me with the position paper is the tempered manner by which the professors presented their views. Disappointed, piqued, and feeling insulted by the bishops’ pronouncements on a number of issues, I’m afraid I cannot do the same.

Contending that sex should be done only in the context of procreation, the church demonizes the use of modern artificial means of contraception.

But, of course, sex is not just for procreation. It is an act of intimacy meant to express feelings that words cannot make manifest, of making ‘the other’ feel loved in a way so passionate, of celebrating the joys and pleasures of togetherness. What do the clergy know about sex to begin with? (With due apologies to those who sired children and molested altar boys) They seem to believe that they are above it and so they embrace celibacy. And, by shunning sex, they have created a mystical image for themselves. From that mystique springs forth, or so they hope, their authority.

If you are an overseas worker who unites with your spouse only once in a long time, or if you are the wife of an abusive husband who demands sex anytime he wants it, or if, very simply, your menstruation is irregular and so you cannot rely on NFP, why should you avoid modern methods? The bishops seem incapable of respecting couples who in their “most secret core and sanctuary” or conscience, have decided that their and their family’s interests would best be served by using modern methods. These bishops intrude into your matrimonial bed, and you allow it?

The church says that the use of condoms and pills is anti-life. Sometimes, bishops would even entertain illusions of being science wizards and ridiculously link contraceptive pills with abortion. But who are taking them seriously anyway? Most Catholics I talk to favor modern methods of contraception and they do not feel guilty about their stance, which is why bishops, not content with grandstanding in pulpits, now want to bang the legislative gavels, too.

When we talk about life, we go beyond thinking about quantity, and deal with its quality. We wonder why the bishops are not disturbed about population growth. They say, “but the bible tells us not to worry because even the birds find something to eat.” (Matthew 6: 25-34) Beyond this lousy exegesis, however, four out of ten Filipinos complain of hunger, making the Filipino people, now numbering over 90 million, one of the top five hungriest in the world. Unemployment is depressingly high. And poverty stands at alarming levels. I am sure the bishops know these, unless Their Excellencies got so cozy living in, where else, but their Bishops’ Palaces.

Could it be that the Church wants the population to remain bloated so more could avail of its paid services? Last time I checked, the St. William’s Cathedral charges 300 to 600 pesos for baptism, plus 100 pesos for every godparent. And the church earns on death as much as it does in life. The thick piles of envelopes they collected last All Souls Day reveal this. And all you need is some saliva and holy water. Quite a profitable business, isn’t it? And to think that religious organizations are exempt from paying taxes.

Moving on, the bishops say that by teaching sex education in schools, young people are led to engage in premarital sex. This is outrageous. If at all, the culture of silence on sex leaves young people wilder and more curious. Because adults do not talk about it, they are forced to launch their own expeditions on a trial-and-error basis. This results to unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

Ideally, it is the parents who should talk to their children about sex, but we concede that this is simply not the case in our culture. Parents wishfully think that their children will remain innocent forever and, on their part, children feel awkward discussing sex with mama and papa. A young man’s first source of information about sex, apart from media, is his peers, who, needless to say, are just as vulnerable as he is.

Part of the subject Sociology 1, I teach Family Planning to my students, and because I believe in choice, I present both the natural and artificial birth control methods. I am firmly convinced though that such education on safe and responsible sex must begin in high school for it is in the earlier adolescent years that the youth begin their explorations. When I graduated from high school, for instance, ten percent of the girls were pregnant. You can imagine how much more young women bear children while in college. It will be more shocking to know how many of them have undergone abortion, risking their own lives in the process.

So, what course of action do we take when our sense of good reason now defies the wisdom of the bishops? There are a few options. Best thing to do is dialogue with them and ask them to reconsider their stance. But reconsider they never will as their immense pride emanates from the infallibility of their big boss, the pope. For those who are unlucky (or lucky!) not to be educated in Catholic schools, the pope is always right when it comes to dogmatic teachings on doctrine and morals.

Another thing is to just stay in the church and ignore what the bishops say. This is what most Catholics do. I, however, am uncomfortable with this set-up. I cannot continue to be part of a church that considers my acts, born out of conscience, as anti-life, sinful, displeasing to God. I wish to live in a state of grace, not of apathy and hypocrisy. This now leads us to the third option: leave the church and find another group that respects your human sensibility.

Even after you leave the Catholic Church, however, the madness of the bishops shall follow you wherever you go in this country that is yet to recover from the nightmares of Padre Damaso and Padre Salvi. Given the immense pressure the church exerts on our government, Filipinos—Catholic or not—are deprived of help they rightfully deserve. Such is the case of H.B. 5043.

There are a few bishops that I admire though. One of them is Jacinto “Jack” Jose, Laoag’s pride and now Urdaneta’s treasure. But I admire him not because he is a bishop, but because he is a man of virtue. And virtue, of course, is no monopoly of men with cute purple caps.

Not all bishops are in heaven and countless souls who defied them are in God’s loving embrace as you read this.

It’s time for Catholics to mature. It’s time to ‘slap’ the bishops.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

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  1. I would say that God gave us wisdom, so it’s up to us to decide what’s good for us. Kung ayaw ng Diyos na tayo ay magisip, eh di sana hindi na niya tayo binigyan ng kakayahan para magisip.

    Bakit kaya laging nakikialam ang catholic church sa mga trabaho ng ating estado? Mga control-freaks, di ba?

    I am in favor for the modern method. Kesa naman dumami ang mga batang hindi naaalagaan ng mga magulang, eh di mas mabuti na lang na iwasan ang unplanned pregnancy.

  2. Sa tingin ko’y hindi dapat makialam ang simnbahang katoliko tungkol sa estado ng ating bansa lalung-lalo na sa sex. sa totoo lang, nakakailang na isipin na sa loob ng simbahan ay sex education ang pinag-uusapan.

    Ngunit kung iisipin, may punto rin ang simbahan. Gaya na lamang ng pagbabawal ng premarital sex. Sa mga bansang mabilis lumaki ang populasyon tulad ng Pilipinas, nakakatulong ito upang makontrol ang kakulangan sa pagkain at sa gayon ay mabawasan ang pagkagutom ng maraming Pilipino.

  3. Church is established to make the lives of innocent people more suffer from all suffering that they are experiencing. One thing for sure is that church was endowed as a secret for of business. Think about the so-called offerings and everything related like the donation box and the like.

    After all these negative things, again they are intruding the government about the sex education thing and the bill. What do they want? A country populated by people of about infinitive millions…billions…

    They keep on suggesting that use of “this and that” artificial contraceptives are illegal blahblah. And because it will kill innocent lives.

    I think they shouldn’t intrude in the decisions of the government because the government is not butt in the church’s gospels

  4. ang simbahan ay talagang maimpluwensya pagdating sa pagmamanipula sa bansa. Sa aking palagay, hindi naman dapat ipagbawal ang paggamit ng mga “artificial contraceptives” sa kadahilanang may sariling kaisipan ang bawat tao. Nasa sa sakanila na iyon kung ano ang mas nakakabuti para sa kanilang pamilya. At sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, dapat talagang ipatupad ang paggamit ng mga “artificial contraceptive” para maiwasan ang paglobo pa ng ating populasyon na nagiging sanhi ng lubos na kairapan sa ating bansa.
    Para sa akin, hindi na dapat pakialaman ng simbahang katoliko ang mga desisyon ng gobyerno lalo na kung ang kalalabasan naman nito ay ikabubuti ng karamihan. Mas mabuti nang magkonsentreyt sila sa pagpapalaganap ng mga salita ng Diyos at hindi ang pakikialam sa gobyerno.

  5. para sa akin, hindi na dapat pakialaman ng simbahan ang mga ibang programa na ipinatutupad ng gobyerno lalo na kapag ang pinag-uusapan ay about sa paggamit ng mga artificial contraceptives dahil ito naman ay para sa ikabubuti ng pamumuhayngmga Pilipino lalo na ngayong nagmamahalan na ang mga bilihin. maranmi na ring mga batang nanglilimus para lang mabuhay. sa maynila, nagkalat ang mga squatters dahil sa walang matirhan at hindi hindi sapat ang mga kailangan nila sa pang araw-araw dahil ang ilan ay malaki ang pamilya. kaya dapat huwag na sanang kontrahin ng simbahan ang paggamit ng mga artificial contraceptives. dapat nga eh ay tumulong pa sila na i-encourageang mga tao na gumamit ng mga contraceptives na to dahil para rin ito sa ikakabuti ng mag-asawa na gagamit nito..

  6. herdy…i like your spunk.i wanna be like you when i grow up .he.. he ..i am already grown up in fact i am already retired.i worked as a psych nurse for 30 years at a catholic hospital and i know and seen all about it… lolita

    1. That “spunk” gets me into trouble once in a while. But, it’s okay, I survive anyhow. Thank you, nana, for your visits. I am honored to know you.

  7. herdy..the same goes with is an honor to know you gets me in trouble 5 sisters and brother does not like what i have to say to them at times but i do not give a “hoot”i got mine from my dad who is a retired policeman in the age of 95 he is still as spunky as ever but when i am there at home he might not like what i say but i say it and i think that is what he likes about me.they call it “tough love” my dad agustin bareng is one of the three cops still living in their is a lot younger than he is and another one living in hawaii which i heard had a stroke.

    1. “Tough love”… is that cariño brutal in Filipino? But no matter how toughie one is, there’s always a marshmallow part in him/her.

  8. i really love to visit in fact i look forward to reading and analyzing comments and your answers.and what a treat i got them all at once husband says i have computer’itis”computer, telephone and shopping i cannot live without.

  9. herdy..the pleasure is mine .why don’t you just call me “tita lita”? it sounds better than nana, barok.

  10. before governments first appeared, religion was first and it is also religion sometimes which determines the form of government… how could the church be seperated from the state??? the most important component of the state is the people and it is the people which composes also their belief system, the prevailing religion itself…

    may the Spirith of Truth (the real one) be with us…

  11. nasa tao po ang pasya dyan kung anu ang pipiliin nila, kung natural ba o contraceptives.
    pero para sakin mas boto aq s contraceptives

  12. ngayon karamihan kahit bata pa ay nabubuntis na dahil di nag-iingat o kaya may problema o nagrebelde………pero mas napapansin ko sa mga squatters area lalong dumadami ang bata kasi syempre yung mga walang trabaho ang libangan nila ay sex kaya palaki ng palaki ang population natin…..karamihan na kinakasal ngayon ay may anak na……pero pwede naman natin iwasan yun kung gagamit sila ng contraceptive di ba…….

  13. yes but the philippines is a very catholic country and they disapprove of contraceptives..will it be better if we can control the overpopulation and children and try and support one or two rather than 5 or 6 and you cannot feed them clothe them and send them to school? go figure…..

  14. Lahat ng tao ay may kanya kanyang pananaw sa buhay.Ang isang Bishop ay napakaimpluwensyang tao para sa mga Katoliko.May mga dapat tayong sundin sa ating pananampalataya.Pero sa against contraceptive na patakaran ng simbahan,nasa tao na iyon kung susundin nila ito o hindi.Para sa akin,ok lang ang paggamit ng contraceptive ng mga mag-asawa dahil alam naman natin na ang pagtatalik ay mahalaga para sa kanila.Nakakatulong ang contraceptive sa mga mag-asawa lalong lalo na kung silay hindi pa handang mag-kaanak.

  15. as i read the article, i am agree with the family planning dahil kapag hindi tayo gagamit nito ay lalaki pa at lalaki ang population natin,kayrami na ngang nagugutum at nadadagdagan pa ito at kung ipagbabawal pa ang paggamit ng contraceptives ng simbahang katoliko ay lalo tayong mababaon sa hirap.

  16. I’m too not agree with bishops!!It seems they are blind enough about population growth in our country…As our instructor said family planning is the best way to refrain from pregnancy and abortion. By using of contraceptive is all right!!We must ignore what the bishop say. Its really bad that the church demolishes the use of modern contraception. My God! We must slap the bishop for this! Are the bishops has no conscience with some unwanted babies who are suffering? Gosh!!They must wake up for the truths. . !

  17. is true n hindi lahat na Bishop o Pari ay mga banal na alagad ng Diyos; in fact sila p mismo ang sumisira sa kapurihan ng Dyos.

    poknut =D

  18. we cannot blame the church specifically the bishops if they are still in prisoned of their conservative image and way of thinking. we in the outside world, away from religious teachings, we are already open of what is the environment offering us.We easily cope up on things which in the past is a disgusting topic to talk about, but now, its open,open to everyone. The church must be aware of whats happening now, accept the fact that we are living in a modern generation.In the other side, the bishops are also right.Don’t you think,the youth will be encourage to engage in premarital sex when there is sex education?They will put in their mind that it’s just ok to engage in premarital sex because it is open in schools where in fact it is already being taught.Youths have playful minds and wide imagination. Nowadays, yoiths are stubborn.Sometimes they dont listen to their parents anymore, as if their knowledge is enough.Regarding to sex, it is more safe to introduce artificial birth control method just to revent pregnacies, abortions, and expansion of population.But I still dont agree of sex before marriage.Of all the articles I commented this one makes me think hard because I have lack of knowledge regarding premarital sex.I dont exactly know the meaning of it. will someone explain it further to me?!?(joke)…..I understand the church,bishops, but for practicalityyou are also right…..Which is which??

  19. im favor w/ the RHB…..kc nman over populated n ang pinas at ewan q b if bkt hnd mkta ng cmbhan un ta knokntra nla ito at wla nman mgawa ang mga politko……sbgay malki nga nman nai22long ng cmbhan sknla lalo nat mlpit n ang eleksyon….

    xa nga pla my npanood ako non n movie ng pari ” humayo kat magparmi”……..:0..hehe

  20. im favor of d RHB…kz nman over populated na bansa ntin at bkit kinokntra ng cmbhan n maipasa to,hnd b nla mkta prblma s populasyon ntin?at bkt wla mgwa ang poltiko pg cmbhan n ngslita..sbgay mlki nga nman naitu2long nla sknla lalo pat mlpit n nman ang eleksyon….hehe.. mga kurakot…..

    my npanood akong movie non n ung pari ay nanggahsa ng studyanteng babae at sv nya s baba ” ang sv s biblya humyo kat magparami”……hehe…;/

  21. “Slap the bishops? just punch the bishops!…”

    nah…..sure that hurts…but remember, “pag sinampal ka sa kaliwa dapat pasampal ka rin sa kanan…”

    Philippines is a small country with a huge number of population, lets just say 1/3 of the population are “Pinoy alligators” and the remaining should be those poor pinoys…(i think im not counted to those alligators hehe)

    Big population, BIG problem… isn’t it? Especially when most part of it is jobless, homeless and even hopeless.

    The church is against any modern kind of birth control, but for me i insist birth control MUST be done. Face the reality that the reason why killings, drug addiction, out of school youths, hunger, are increasing rapidly is all because of over population…

    “Maybe the bishops think birth control is a sin, but for me it is simply a way to prevent sin.”

    “Birth control + Reality = Development”

  22. I am not a Catholic but I was schooled in a catholic school during my high school years. I have very simple understanding about the religion being aware of it only during my high school days. However, we are all gifted by God and even by our society the freedom to express ones conscience. That nobody can take away from me and from any Filipino in that matter. Who cares about priests, bishops, popes, evangelists, brothers and sisters as long as my conscience wills one path to take I will follow, The issue of reproductive health care is or are not about pope, priests, bishops and their likes. It refers to ones conscience. In reality, if only we have lawmakers who always follow the will of their conscience then that proposal could have long been approved. In fairness to the catholic religion they are only doing their part as part of their church teachings. I believe that there are no perfect religion here on earth. Each religion has their own morals and interest that members should follow. And in case you are not in favour of their beliefs and interest then for goodness sake get out of that place and do what you prefer to do. Let us all remember that no one ever point a gun to us just so we join their religion. No one ever forced us to believe what they believe. So for the good of the community, let them be and let us all be considerate of them by giving them due respect.

  23. sa naisip na sulosyon ng simbahan para maiwasan ang pagrami ng populasyon ay baka lalo pa dumami ang mga tao..
    tsaka hindi naman sila magaling sa syinsa kaya bakit nila alm na makakatulong to sa pagbawas ng mga naipapanganak..
    kung ako man ang tatanungin ay mas pabor parin ako sa mga inirerekomenda ng mga doctor atbp….
    wala pa man akong karanasan ay may natutunam naman ako 2ngkol sa mga bagay na talagang makakatulong sa pagbawas ng mga nabubuntis………….

  24. over population ang problema sa buong kung ang simbahan ay tutol sa RHB..ang mga politiko ay walng magawa dito sapagkat kailangan nilang magpapogi sa mga simbahan para pagdating ng eleksyon ay sila ang susuporthan ng mga ito

    1. rl_virus, puwede ka namang manalo sa eleksyon kahit na itakwil ka ng simbahan. Napatunayan ito ng dating Senador Juan Flavier na kahit kumontra noon sa Simabahang Katoliko sa isyu ng birth control e waging wagi pa rin sa halalan.

  25. I think just slapping the bishops would not change their will in stopping any kind of birth control…Too many programs have been made by the gov’t to solve the rapid increasing of population, but since the church is opposite to this programs the problems brought by over population are gettin’ more & more difficult to endure. Church VS. Gov’t are like rocks bumping each other while the pinoys are trap in between. it’s hard to judge each part but i think im favor in birth controls, it may help in controlling the rapid increase of population. However, it will not totally solve the problems in over population… just leave the prayers from the bishops, the government for the plans, people for the work…aint’ that more interesting?unity…

  26. pra knyak, adda latta met ti karapatan ti simbaan,ngem not to d point met nga pakialaaman da aminen.kasi amin tay met ket adda karapatan na,kasi haan tay met agpapada t pinagbiag,ken pinagpanpanunot. adda ltta ngamin nkwa kdijay tao djyen,ammu tay met amin nu ana t nasayaat ken madi..

  27. ‘For me, I beg to disagree. Tignan niyo, ang ating bansa ay humaharap sa matinding krisis bacause of population. In fact, our country known as one of the most populated country in the whole world. So by means of contraception, maiiwasan ang pagdami ng tao. For example, yong magkasintahanh gustong mag-sex pero di pa handang magkaroon ng responsibilidad kc nga student cla, hev disable jobs or an overseas worker na once in a year lang umuwi as stated in the article pero gusto nilang gawin just to express their feelings in a passionate way or as a pleasure.
    The church especially the bishops demonize the use of modern artificial by means of contraception. Ito naman, kung talagang ang church na ito ay may unity sa pagsunod sa kanilang patakaran then y is it na most of their members ay gnagawa ang di dapat? May sari2li b clang patakaran? Nasan ang naglelead sa knla? Meron pa ngang “pari” na nakasuhan ng rape at ang ilan ay naba2litaang nag-aswa! Asan ung evangelical doctrines na nai2ro sa knla sa monosteryo?
    one thng mor, bwt charging payments 4 baptism, wedding & death. naobserbahan ko dn na pag napalakad mo daw ung pari eh mas mataas daw ung chage, wow quite profitable business..magpra2y kalang sa patay may money panu nman ung kapos o wlang kaya eh gus2 nlang dalhin s cmbhan ung mhal s buhay n pumanaw, d na b cla maka2paso without charging? Anung patakaran ito, gngwang business ang mga ito! Minsan din sa amin, napadaan aku sa kumbento, u knw wat, nashocked aku sa nkta q kc nandun ung ilang kabataan, nag-iinuman 2gether ung pari,..huhu I nt understand..But speaking of contraception, di ntin cla mapi2lit. Pinani2ndganan nla ung “humayo ka’t magpakarami” gosh over populated na tau…wla na ngang makain…magsisik2an nlang tau na parang sardinas..hahaha

  28. pabor ako sa hb 5043. mas malala pa nga ang paninigarilyo dahil masama ito sa kalusugan kaysa sa paggamit ng condom o kaya ay paggamit ng pills. dahilsana sa h.b5043 maiiwasan ang paglobo ng pupulasyon ng ating bansa. baka kaya hindi ito sinasangayunan ng ating simbahan ay maapektohan ang kanilang “negosyo o pinagkikitaan” pero mas maganda ang kontrolin ang pagbubuntis kaysa naman ipaaborsyon ito o kaya ay iwanan nalang kung saan saan dahil di nila ito gusto.

  29. hmm…para sa akin sir, hindi natin masisisi nag mga pari kung iyun ang kanilang upinyun sa at ciguro yun talaga ang nanatili sa kanilang pananaw.At sa pag agmit ng contraceptive ay para sa akin ay ok lang,,,sapagkat nakakatulong din naman ito sa atin, at lalong lalo na sa mag asawa,sapagkat kung ang mag asawa ay hindi pa sila handang magkaron ng anak,pwede silang gumamit nito.sabagay hindi natin maiiwasan na walang mangyayari sa dalawang kung gustohin nila ito sulit di pa sila handang magkaroon ng anak…

  30. “isang kahig isang tuka”…Life is getting harder!!
    we Filipino’s experience this,..right?
    in my own opinion this is a good idea on how to prevent over population, over population that cause many problems ( thers a good impact also,not only bad side) such as,shortage,polution and everything.. like in China they have this 2child policy, but look at them they are very successful in terms of everything,,, i do agree with the modern method for this is for the betterment of the Philippines, Bakit hindi payag ang relihiyong catholiko,ito nama’y para sa ikabu2ti nang lahat,,hindi naman cguro magagalit ang Diyos kung itoy para sa ikabu2ti natin…. it’s time to think!!!!!

  31. ang masasabi ko sa article na ito ay talagang dapat na my family planning para maiwasan ang pag dami ng mga bata…sa mga lalake ang solusyon ay gumamit ng condom at sa mga babae naman ay gumamit ng pills..ito ang na isip kong paraan para maiwasan ang pagdami ng ating populasyon…dapat NBSB lahat ng mga babae hanggang mag aswa ito..

  32. ….This article is a wise way of calling the conscience of the cathollic priest. Ika nga nila “words are better than swords” this serves as the weapon in criticizing imortality atitude.
    …..i am hoping that this article would conclude to the cathiloc priest to support Hb 5043 for the sake of the people. lets pray for the sake of each other……………………….!!!!!

    1. Jervin, that’s wishing too much, I don’t think magbabago pa ang pag-iisip ng kaparian sa isyung ito. Para sa kanila, they have a monopoly of divine reason and eternal truths.

  33. ,,Sa pagkabasa ko sa artikulong ito, may dalawa akong reaksyon para dito, una may punto din ang artikulong ito tungkol sa paggamit ng mga contraceptives dahil ang Pilipinas ang isa sa mga nagunguna na may maraming populasyon sa boung mundo at bukod pa don mas maganda at masaya ang kinabukasan ng isang pamilya kung konti lang ang miyembro ng pamilya. At ang pangalawa, di rin natin masisi ang mga alagad ng Diyos dahil ibinabatay lang nila ang kanilang……….. paniniwala sa Bibliya.

  34. we cannot judge them on their opinion because they have rules that they follow and we must respect that.and we must consider also the fact that they havent experience it yet…:-)
    but they must also see the disadvantages of their statement or beleifs if it is good for most of people or not…….

  35. kahit anong sabihin nila,,>>>
    hindi ako pabor sa gusto ng mga bishops,,oo may karapatan sila pero wala silang magagawa kung ano man ang desisyon natin db???
    syempre naman,, ngayon marami na ring mga below 18 na nabubuntis,,dadami na naman ang populasyon ng ating bansa,,iyong mga iba pa nga ay di na nila kayang alagahan mga anak nila kaya pina aampun na nila tapos ngayon ipagbabawal pa nila paggamit ng contraceptives,,OoooOo buLag ba sila o talagang nagbubulag bulagan lang sila,,Hay nKu!!!
    ,,,kaya dapat lang na pag nakisex ka ay gumamit ka ng contraceptives para mas sigurado,,kasi pag hindi,,lagot buhay kang bata ka,,,hehe

  36. Para sa aking pabor ako sa paggamit ng contraceptives para naman maiwasan ang pagrami ng ating populasyon lalo na ngayon. kaya nga yayo naghihirap dahil d2 eh. eh bakit pa makikialam ang simbahan eh karamihan sa kanilia ay d naman nagbabayad ng buwis lalo na yan mga katoliko jejeejejeje

  37. Ang simbahan ay isang institusyon upang mapalapit tayo sa panginoon, sila ang ihemplo upang tayo ay matuto kung ano ang tama o mali sa mata ng ating panginoon. Pero sila rin ba ang mga nag-iimpluwensyang dumami ang populasyon? Ano ba talaga ang gusto nila?
    Dapat sana sila mismo ang dapat na tumulong para maiwasan ang pagdami ng populasyon. Naghihirap na nga ang ating bansa, sila pa yung mga hindi sumasang-ayon sa Reproductive Health Bill at Modern Method. At sana rin palawakin nila ang kanilang pag-iisip sa mga sitwasyong ganito…”Be Practical”

  38. The church, with the aid of the popes and the the priests teaches us things, ideas, concepts, beliefs that is considered holy or sacred. But it does not mean that if someone teaches holy things, that someone is already holy. For human eyes cannot judge ones holiness. Only God can judge how holy a man is. That is what I believe in.

    Popes and Priests are also human. Blunt. Weak. Fragile. Easily knocked by the waves of temptations. Can be enshrouded by an aura of such evil. Dominated by greed. They can be more frenzied than those notorious gangs present in the country. They can do more violent crimes than the vilest set of individuals God has ever created. But fortunately, in my 17 years in this body of mine, I have never met popes or priests that wicked. I just don’t know if something like that really exists. But I think it is possible. Very possible.

    Well, we could not blame the bishops for opposing the promotion of modern methods of contraception because they only stand for what they believe in. The sad thing is they don’t want to lose that badly that they use power to influence other people.

    Personally, I am in favor to the House Bill 5043 and it should be promoted and it should be supported by those who really care for the country. The president for example.

  39. The church, with the aid of the popes and the the priests teaches us things, ideas, concepts, beliefs that is considered holy or sacred. But it does not mean that if someone teaches holy things, that someone is already holy. For human eyes cannot judge ones holiness. Only God can judge how holy a man is. That is what I believe in.

    Popes and Priests are also human. Blunt. Weak. Fragile. Easily knocked by the waves of temptations. Can be enshrouded by an aura of such evil. Dominated by greed. They can be more frenzied than those notorious gangs present in the country. They can do more violent crimes than the vilest set of individuals God has ever created. But fortunately, in my 17 years in this body of mine, I have never met popes or priests that wicked. I just don’t know if something like that really exists. But I think is posible. Very posible.

    Well, we could not blame the bishops for opposing the promotion of modern methods of contraception because they only stand for what they believe in. The sad thing is they don’t want to lose that badly that they use power to influence other people.

    Personally, I am in favor to the House Bill 5043 and it should be promoted and it should be supported by those who really care for the country. The president for example.

  40. hindi dapat makialam ang simbahan lalo sa mga usaping may kinalaman sa sex..Kung ating susundin yong sinasabi o prinopromote nila na nga method, aba’y sa tingin ko. lalo pang dadami ang papolasyon ng ating bansa.kaya ang pinaka mgandang gawin nalang ng simbahan ay manahimik at pagtuonan na lamang nila ng pansin ang mga pangyayari sa simbahan at hindi ang nangyayari sa bansa lalo na sa usaping may kinalaman sa sex.

  41. The worst part in our country is when politicians create and employ rules that don’t last. They spend a large amount of money just to support these rules but as generation by generations draw these rules are buried as fast as they were made. Sometimes they say that “the maker is always the breaker”. I think a part of it is true or the whole part of it. ت تAshmiraت

  42. pra knyak han mt a dakes t agusar t contraceptives, kc adda mt nasayat a ited e2i, kasla kuma pnag prevent t over populated……ejAy lng awn’n…….

  43. may knyakanya tayong paniniwala, same through sa relihyon,im a born again kso hank uny mkismsmban, but moje adda question kot katoliko, apay nga msapul pelang nga maki byang dat sex ken politics,i min karamihan sa mga churches catholic ang my connection sa politics. kondidahil sa mga PARI wala sana sa position ang bubwit na my huge mole na babae. att mejo kampante san cgoro tyo ngayon sa buhay……..

  44. we are now in the modern world….we are now living through the help and explanation of science and technology…for me,modernize basis shall prevail ….

  45. pra knyak han mt a dakes t agusar t contraceptives, kc adda mt ited na a nasayaat t pnagbiag tau, ksla kuma pnag prevent t over populated t lobong…….ejay lng awn’n…….

  46. It is not a new concern about the issue of being stuck between the Church and Government’s idea about procreation. I was still in high school when I first encounter that issue and even debated my other classmates with contradicting ideas. The bible says, “Go and multiply”. I think, we Filipinos, do not understand what does it really means. Procreation is not a problem as long as we can provide our needs. But the problem is population growth leads to hunger. And that’s the time the government imposed family planning which eventually contradicted by the Church. For me family planning is the best to solve population growth. And I strongly agree that we should have sex education in order for the teenagers to be more aware about premarital sex and its consequences. The Church should support the government decision instead of contradiction. They should be more observant and considerable about the consequences of premarital sex. The button line is premarital sex leads to abortion, which the Church should be alarmed for it is a sin. So instead to contradict, why not support the government and help its other to advocate about family planning.

    Philippines is very catholic country, they disapproved about the reproductive health bill. Bakit pa nila kinokontra ang ganitong bill? Makikita din natin na ang Pilipinas ay over population na halos wala nang mapagtayuhan ng bahay, dahil sa dami nang tao dito sa Pilipinas ay unti-unti ng nasisira ang ating kapaligiran.

  48. The bishop is a member of the highest ranking order of the christian ministry. though we regard the bishop with reverence and reservations, they are not excluded from the criticisms (be it positive or more of the negative) of the public. this article has a similarity to an article i came across with entitled ” The priest is always wrong.” If a priest wears something imported, the people says his using the alms given to him. when he wears shoes without socks, people comment he is too poor. when he admires the opposite sex, he is condemn of adultry. when he snobs the opposite sex, he is condemn to be a gay. and all other things that make a priest wrong. The same is true with this article. The bishop is always wrong. hmm.. in my point of view, we should not be bias in judging the bishops. let us not only see one side of the coin. whether it be a bishop, the president, or even just an ordinary person. we should see more the good side, the positive side, the strength of a person, not one’s weaknesses and Waterloo. i would rather say that we continously pray for bishops who could work to win people for gods cause. bishops who do the right thing to please god and not to please people. in this way we can say we are spiritually mature. :]

  49. I have nothing against the bishop.Actually i admired them because they are in the religious group.and to tell you honestly i am not aware some of the happenings.pero ang kapansin-pansin ko ay ang pagsupport nila sa mall na itatayo at pagdemolish nila sa isang school.The point is saan pupunta ang mga bata?Sa grabeng population ng laoag hindi sila maaccomodate ng mga school.Why not na hanap nalang sila ng ibang place for the putting of mall at isa pa mawawala ang mga heritage na matagal na pinangalagaan ng mga tao.Hindi man lang nila naisp.Kung ano ang kahihinatnan ng design nilang ito.Well kung tutuusin i agree with the article,(iyong mga iba kasi ginagamit ang posisyon0)kung minsan nagtataka na rin ako eh………..hmp,I`m not questioning them but I`m just curious 0 kung ano nga ba talaga ang work nila…..

  50. Wala akong galit sa mga nasa simbahan pero may mga bagay akong hindi gusto sa mga ginagawa nila….
    For me using contraceptives should be implemented,,,, the main reason kung bakit sinusuportahan ko ito, is that we should first think about the growing population of the Phil..
    Aware naman siguro sila na sobra sobra na ang tao sa pilipinas but still they are against of using contraceptives…

    ang kasabihang “sige humayo kayo at magpakarami” ay hindi na dapat isipin yun ngayon….kung sobrang dami na nang anak mo san ka pa kukuha ng ipapakain mo sa kanila…

    thats why i support using contraceptive… not for the pleasure but for population control…

  51. para sa akin tumututol ako,sa ngayon, ang ating bansa ay napakarami nang popolasyon. kaya sa paggamit natin ng mga contraceptives, maiiwasan ang pagdami ng popolasyon sa Pilipinas. .like in manila there are so many squaters living there. kahit san ka magpunta may makikita kang mga squaters..BUT, we cannot judge them in what their doing because they have their onw rule in the church

  52. I am a Catholic and I agree to the church. Philippines is one of the countries that has the most number of Roman Catholic. Over population is the main problem of the world today, including our country Philippines. Contraceptives, abortion and other methods are not only the way to birthcontrol. All I can say is that they must demolish or ban the things that may lead the people to temptation for example the pornography materials and also those websites that includes nude and lude things in their website. Today, pabata na ng pata ang mga nabubuntis at nasasali sa premalital sex dahil sa mga pornographic materials.
    “Be practical” ika nga ng mga tao, then let’s be practical. Do you know how much they spend money for their contraceptive pills, condoms, injectables, pornographic materials, load just to send a picture of pornographic trough MMS and so on? Crisis na ang gobyerno ngayon and we all know that. What if they will just spend their money for food or things that they need for their everyday lives?

  53. We are in the modern world now . . . it’s not like before that people believe magparami ng lahi so hat you can make a sin and you’re not going to heaven. Ang simbahan ay maiplpluwensya pag dating sa pagmamanipula sa bansa. Sa panahon ng espania lumaganap ang katoliko. Ang simbahan ang tumutulong sa mga tao meron silang kapangyarihan o kaya sila ang boses ng mga mahihirap sa mga govyerno. Pero sa ganitong usapin sa palagay ko hwag na sanang makialam pa ang simbahan na dapat na ipatupad ang paggamit ng contraceptive. Para naman hindi na lumobo ang bilang ng papolasyon ng bansa. Dahil dito maraming tao nang naghihirap, walang trabaho,magugutom o kaya naman walang bahay. Kung hindi ipapatupad to mas lolobo ang papulasyon ng pilipinas na nagiging sanhi ng lubos na kahirapan. Hindi na dapat makialam pa ang simbahang katoliko sa desisyon ng govyerno lalo na sa ikakabuti ng nakakarami. Sabi ng bibliya magpadami tayo ng lahi pero ano ang mangyayari dadami nga tayo pero mababaon naman tayo, lalaki ang papolasyn,magugutom tayo. Kahit na ang govyerno ang dapat lumutas ng kahirapan sana makipag-isa ang simbahan katoliko para na rin sa ikabubuti natin. Hindi naman maling magpadami ng lahi basta lang alam mo kung kaylang at kaylan ka hihinto.

  54. We are in the modern world now . . . it’s not like before that people believe magparami ng lahi so hat you can make a sin and you’re not going to heaven. Ang simbahan ay maiplpluwensya pag dating sa pagmamanipula sa bansa. Sa panahon ng espania lumaganap ang katoliko. Ang simbahan ang tumutulong sa mga tao meron silang kapangyarihan o kaya sila ang boses ng mga mahihirap sa mga govyerno. Pero sa ganitong usapin sa palagay ko hwag na sanang makialam pa ang simbahan na dapat na ipatupad ang paggamit ng contraceptive. Para naman hindi na lumobo ang bilang ng papolasyon ng bansa. Dahil dito maraming tao nang naghihirap, walang trabaho,magugutom o kaya naman walang bahay. Kung hindi ipapatupad to mas lolobo ang papulasyon ng pilipinas na nagiging sanhi ng lubos na kahirapan. Hindi na dapat makialam pa ang simbahang katoliko sa desisyon ng govyerno lalo na sa ikakabuti ng nakakarami. Sabi ng bibliya magpadami tayo ng lahi pero ano ang mangyayari dadami nga tayo pero mababaon naman tayo, lalaki ang papolasyn,magugutom tayo. Kahit na ang govyerno ang dapat lumutas ng kahirapan sana makipag-isa ang simbahan katoliko para na rin sa ikabubuti natin. Hindi naman maling magpadami ng lahi basta lang alam mo kung kaylang at kaylan ka hihinto.

    dapat na kasi

  55. the church and the government is a separate entity. Politicians and church leaders should not compromise with each other because if or so the sacred image of the church will be stained with the blemish of dirty politics. Like Martin Luther did when the church has a bad program or conditions that push him to built protestantism. So, the history of the church has now return. They disagree of those some acts like the HB 5043.

  56. Sa lahat ng relihiyon dito sa Pilipinas, ang katoliko ang may mas pinakaraming bilang kung sa populasyon ang pagbabasehan. Ngunit pansinin niyo, marami ba ang nagsisimba?
    Mas mabuti pa nga ang ibang relihiyon eh dahil mas naiintindihan ko pa ang sisnasabi ng pastor nila kesa sa mga pari ng Katoliko na imbes na gisingin ka ay papatulogin ka pa. Hindi lang naman katoliko relihiyon dito sa pilipinas di ba, try niyo mag Jehova’s Witness o Bapist o iba pa.

  57. hoy marlboro red pabor din naman ang simbahan sa family planing ah. sa natural family planing nga lang at hindi sa artificial planing.ang gusto lang ng simbahan ay ang pagamit ng calendar method at hindi ang pagamit ng con dom at pills

  58. House Bill 5043 or An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Population Development commonly known as the “reproductive health bill” is the most controversial bill nowadays. The reproductive health bill has its own pros and cons.
    So let’s take first its pros. Through this bill, it can now control the booming population of the Philippines. It will also educate people on family planning and avid unwanted pregnancies through the use of contraceptives. It will lessen the number of unwanted pregnancies and the death toll of women that are dying because of infections during abortion. Speaking of abortion, it will also reduce abortion by providing better access to family planning resources.
    On the other hand, the bill will increase the tax of the people. According to the catholic church, it is anti-life and anti-family. It also contradicts the church. And according to them it is IMMORAL. It promotes artificial contraception.
    According to the national statistics office (NSO) there are 3 babies born every minute. So just think about how many minutes in a day? Philippines is also one of the most populous country in Asia. So, this bill is good in controlling the rapid growth of our population through the use of contraceptives. But the use of contraceptives will induce sexual gratification on teens. Because of the fact that they have contraceptives and they will not get pregnant then they will have sex whenever they want especially if they are equipped with the right sex education at young age. Moreover, there will be an increase in number of teens engaged in premarital sex. Contraceptives will further led to the breakdown of sexual morality and the further acceptance of a range of deviant and unnatural sexual behaviors including massive premarital sexual activity, adultery and sexual acts. On the other hand, the use of contraceptives is not anti-life or pro-abortion because a contraceptive stops the sperms from uniting the egg cell and the sperm cell. Meaning there will be no life that would exist. So there is no life to be killed at all and therefore there is no abortion.
    And now, I’m weighing its pros and cons. I can that they have equal pros and cons. So the problem now here is the government and the church. According to the bible “give to Caesar what is due to Caesar and give to God what is due to God” from Mathew 22:15-21. This means that there is a separation of the state and the church that has been supported in john 18:36 where Jesus responds to Pontius Pilate about the nature of his kingdom, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of to this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world”. These reflects a traditional division in Christian thought by which state and church have separate sphere of influence.
    The church should not get involved in the state. The reproductive health Bill is from the state meaning it’s for the state not for the church. The church has nothing to do on it. The church should mind its own business and vice versa. It’s about time that our politicians take the high road and truly exercise the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. And same is through to the bishops.
    Whether the bill will be passed on not, the decision is still in our hands. The choice is still ours.

  59. Napapansin ko lang kasi sa mga bishops eh yung mga ginagawa nila ay para lang sa kanilang mga ikabubuti, yun bang kung ayaw na nila ay mali na at hindi lang naman nila inaalam kung ano yung ikabubuti nito para sa nakararami lalong lalo na si Gloria. Tinututulan nila ang modern contraception siguro dahil hindi nila alam ang buhay ng may asawa.
    Mataas lang siguro ang mga pride nga mga bishops at para naman silang mga diktador at hindi pwedeng kontrahin. May pruweba na nga na mraraming nagugutom na mga tao eh hindi pa sila naaalarma. Sobra naman ng mga bishop na yan.
    Maganda nga yung pagtuturo sa mga estudyante ng sex education kasi para iwas aksidente. Bakit ayaw pa rito ng mga bishops eh ang dami dami na ngang nabubuntis na wala sa tamang oras. Nakatutulong nga rin ito para mabawasan ang abortion. Mas makasalanan pa nga yun kaysa sa modern methods na tinututulan nila eh…

  60. Ano ba? Bulag ba ang simbahan at hindi makita kung anu ang kalalabasan ng isinusulong nilang paniniwala nila?! Contraceptives, anti-life??? Eh anong gusto nila pro-life contraceptives?!Haler??! Gusto pa nilang dagdagan ang napakalaking papulasyon ng ating bansa. Bishops must wake up for the truth.

  61. house bill 5043 the reproductive health bill at ang natural family planning (NFP) anu ang mga ito? oo alam ko ito ay mga batas pero ano ba ang ginhawang maidudulot nito sa pamilya natin? sabi nila para maagapan ang pagdami ng population. hindi natin kayang diktahan ang isang pamilya kung anu ang gusto nilang sundin. pero ang pagkakaalam ko iyong modern method ang pinakapapolar ngayon at mas epektibo ngayon. dapat bang isa batas ang mga ganitong gawain? at tungkol naman dun sa sex education? karamihan ngayon na nabubuntis ay iyong mga nasa highskul at kolehiyo.dapat lang na isa batas na ang pagtuturo ng sex.

  62. It is only now that I came across of this topic but did everybody notice that forum discussions and point of views are more exciting and more dynamics when it relates to religions and politics with a spice of little sex education.

    There seems to be of different standards of how ordinary individuals respect their current parochial priest. One of our tennis buddy serves as the parochial priest in our district in the west coast. Well as usual our routine tennis days are M-W-F after work which would give us all to socialize and drinks Heineken, the priest favorite brand, while playing. In our group, there are few who approach the priest and kiss the hand as a respect “kunno” when they arrived, but never I did that since he was transferred to another place. Some guys called him father ___ during matches but I always called him his first name. There was a casual discussion after matches which could be the effect of a few rounds of Heineks that I told him that I only go to church twice a year – Holy Friday and December 25- which I really pissed him off. The priest never talk to me again after that incident until I brought his favorite “pollotans” of “dinardaraan” and “igado” prepared in ilocano style cuisine.

    1. Some people are really inclined to put priests on a pedestal. Such pedestal is so high that when the priests fall, they get seriously injured.

      Nice story, Sir William, the best way to that priest’s heart is through the beer belly. 🙂

  63. But of course, priests also drink not just wines and beers, but also the real stuff. I have one of my children graduated at the Mangato seminary and engaged also on some swigs of beer, as well as the brandy and whiskey inside the walls of seminary, during birthdays of priests, their ordination days, Christmas and graduation. Still, we customary have to call them “Father”. In discussions, they also listen and respect our suggestions for the improvement of the seminary, as well as other mundane things. About the Mall being built on a school campus, this would put the traffic at a stand-still in the center of the City. School being transferred negates attendance of children living close by. Dagdag gastos sa pamasahe araw-araw! But Malls constructed even at remotely far from communities would still be patronized by the people. Anyway, paminsan-minsan lang naman ang pasyal. Weekly at most. Check out the MOA (Mall of Asia), built far off from human habitation. Locally, Robinson’s Place at SN are even patronized by people from far-off towns of Pagudpud, Nueva Era, also from Ilocos Sur and Cagayan! Or, perhaps they want to dig golden treasures of Yamashita, because it is close to the Belltower, a symbolic beacon to hidden treasures? Some told me they have dug up nothing, but who knows the truth? The money from the Mall investor is also something to reckon with…

  64. Let’s analyze the facts in macro. Ni Juan ken Isabel nga agassawa ket naaddaan iti daga nga uppat nga ektarya. Naaddaanda iti 4 nga annak. Nagbalay saggaysa dagidiay annakda nga nagassawa iti likmot ti saggaysada nga ektarya nga talon nga impatawid da Juan ken Isabel. Bimmassit ti matalon para iti kanenda amin. No maaddaan met dagitay appokoda iti assawa ket aggannakda met, umanay pay ngata ti kanenda nga apiten ti maysa nga ektarya nga mabinglay-binglay? This is the Philippines in a smaller scale. We have definite farmland area to utilize for our sustenance. Previously we export our rice surplus. Now, with bigger population, some farmlands are made into subdivisions slicing food productivity. With our present population, our rice outputs are not enough already, so now we import rice from our Asian neighbors. Hanggang kailan tayo magkakaisip ng population control? It should be quality, not quantity of population ang isipin ng simbahan! Kung sino pa ang pobreng pamilya, sila pa ang mas me apog na magkaanak ng marami!!! Kawawa ang mga batang iniluluwal: walang makain, walang pandamit, pang-eskuela, pang-medisina, atbp…

    1. I could not agree more, sir asiong. That is why I will vote only for candidates who support the RH Bill… only those who have the eggs to defy the hypocrites in white garbs.

  65. Go and multiply, it doesn’t mean that having sex and giving birth, multiply by means that a product will be greater not lesser. Greater than, to know what will be the next product and to know how will it be. But our ancestor failed to decipher the word of God, so they multiply and the product came to the point that they multiply again then population explosion was entitled. In mathematics the product will always be greater but in population it is in its quotient, the lives that is produce came to stage that they create a larger mistake, a war or even death of other people. Then today the church will disagree to the plans of the government? Then what is their plan for? To build a greater future in tithing?, we need to focus on the things so that the word multiply will be corrected, it’s time to cast our future, develop human with beauty, intelligence and nobility . go for the R.H bill

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