The Ilocos Times

A member of the Philiippine Press Institute, The Ilocos Times is the longest running community newspaper edited and published in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines over the past 46 years.

The paper was founded in 1920 although it came out irregularly until 1957 when it became a weekly with 90% English and 10% Iluko, the vernacular of Northern Luzon, Philippines.
The Ilocos Publishing Corporation, a family-owned entity having its own commercial printing facilities, publishes the paper.

The Website Edition ( was constructed on October 2000 primarily aimed at catering to the local news and information needs of Ilocos Norte natives and other Ilocanos living abroad.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

13 thoughts on “The Ilocos Times”

  1. Hi Herdy!
    I really enjoy reading your column-the Ilocos times as a whole. That way I feel a little bit nearer to my fellow Ilocanos,although in real I am many miles away.I am sorry that you grieve too much with your countrymen leaving the country for a better life.Leaving the country for you is a need or greed. I do not agree. I agree with your sister “Wala ng pagasa ang Pinas”. We leave the country not because of greed,but for better life. Lucky
    for you,you have choosen a profession aplicable locally,but we can`t be all educator. Of course we miss Pinas,our relatives why not,
    but we have to struggle for the better. I do grieve too, to my country,fellow Pinoy and most of all-my mother,brother and sister but I have to live with it-faith-got no choice.

  2. Herdy’s Riknakem: I empathize with you completely, but, c’mon, please don’t say you’ve got no choice. Life is an infinite series of choices.

  3. i read about the city of batac no longer a city!! it is a case of now you see it now you don’t?

  4. batac had grown too crowded, busy and too polluted i would prefer a quiet non smog town anyways.everything is too commercialized.

  5. since birth hindi pa ako nakakita ng The Ilocos Times dahil wala akong nakikita kahit gusto kong bumili. Siguro ang Ilocos Times ay napakagandang babasahin, at karapatan din nang mga Ilocano ang ganitong babasahin. Sana hindi kayo magsawang gumawa at magpalabas nito

    1. JAY-01, available siya sa N. Corpuz sa Laoag, sa news stand sa gilid ng 5 sisters, at sa mga bentahan ng dyaryo sa palengke. Marami ring mga subscriber nito. Thank you for your interest.

  6. Well, I haven’t visited the Ilocos Times’ site yet but I just want to congratulate the writers and the staff for serving the ilocano people up to this days.
    Media as we know are very vital to our society. They provide informations about the current issues on politics, government, weather and other significant happenings. But sometimes, journalists were get killed because of media, and it is because of they are exposing the truth. And the most common suspects are our naive politicians. “Balat sibuyas kasi ang mga pulitiko natin eh”.

  7. Congratulations to the faculty and staff of Ilocos times! Not only for the dedication to our province but also for the sacrifices and never ending passion to inform people. I hope to keep the chains tight and to continue your impeccable service to the Ilocano people. We all know that media has indeed a vital role in the community and I think these roles are found in the Ilocos times that made it through the years.

  8. i discovered The Ilocos Times way back in 2005’s or something in our District assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses when they’re [JWs] are giving it to attendees in return of voluntary donations. The District Assembly of JW was featured because of peace and discipline of the attendees in the said assembly.
    my neighbor and my father was interested in The Ilocos Times but it’s not available in our town so…
    I’m glad that there fellow Ilocano that provides information to the Ilocanos.

  9. all of our news paper in this country was good they give all the details that we want and very impressive and all of that was because of our journalism they fight for the truth and willing to die just to say what they know…so just appreciate the effort of our journalism and media without them we can’t see the truth and were being blind for the truth…..

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