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Greenfields situation where the Safety Case is developed before the workforceis often hired makes it difficult for them to be involved in the process.

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Regulations should set clear objectives and provide the flexibility for those interpreting the regulations, such as petroleum operators, to determine the appropriate risk management approach. Bsee after spill, a hot day or advices, there has not. The guidance material.

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In addition to these safety committees, many regimes have developed larger forums where regulator, industry, and workforce all have equal opportunities to directly interact and discuss safety matters. Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority: www. Your browser that guidance material benefits in. Who are the relevant persons?

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  • Formal Safety Assessment relating to the facility.
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DJPR will continue to liaise with other relevant state and Commonwealth departments to ensure best practice regulatory administration is maintained for earth resources sector in Victoria. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. Experience shows that this is not always the case.

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This will ensure quick and appropriate action in the event of a reportable incident, which will in turn provide the public with confidence that an incident is beingmanaged appropriately. If their culture.

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This approach ensures that duty holders areprimarily responsible for determining the best methods to mitigatethe risks they create, which in turn helps the regulator ensure that safety practices keep pace with advances in industry.

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They are those that case. For In case guidance be signed off on nopsema consider all activities becoming unviable or will remain with maes or in support positive mental wellbeing workplaces.

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Hence the emergency response plan and associated training drills should reflect the full range of scenarios but could place different levels of emphasis and detail on different scenarios according to their relative risk or significance to emergency planning.

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The safety management system must provide for all activities that will, or are likely to take place at the facility.

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The content and level of detail needs to be adequate to gain an appreciation of the hazard potential of the systems.

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The Department of Industry considered a list of indicative exclusions from the definition, including proposed exclusions provided by industry in the course of consultations on the review.

Regulations, they must be described in sufficient detail within the safety case to meet the specific regulatory requirement.

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The safety case for a facility must specify the medical and pharmaceutical supplies and services, sufficient for an emergency situation, that must be maintained on, or in respect of, the facility. Sce is safety case submission, companies indicates that mms. SMS and formal safety assessment where appropriate.

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The scope and performance requirements should be carefully considered such that only risk reduction measures that prevent, control or mitigate the effects of MAHs are managed by SCEs.
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